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When the Pipes are Clogged, Who Do you Call?

When those pipes are clogged at midnight, when the trap under the sink snaps after 6pm, when the toilet plugs up solid at 6am, you need a list of emergency plumbers! Not every man of the house is a handyman, and not every woman of the house can use tools. We also know that some of the worst emergencies happen after everyone has locked up shop for the day and gone home. This website is your go-to place to find those emergency plumbers when you need them.

To be sure your situation truly is an emergency however, be sure you have tried suggestions such as the following:

- For a clogged drain: Pour a half a cup of baking soda into the drain then pour a cup of vinegar into the drain as well. Let it sit for half an hour or so, then pour in boiling water from your kettle. Test the drain again.

- For a plugged toilet: Ensure you have a toilet plunger on hand. Flush the toilet and immediately begin pumping the plunger directly over the hole, sealing and releasing it each time. Generally, several good pumps of the plunger will clear any blockage

- To keep pipes flowing in the winter when sub-zero temperatures threaten to freeze everything solid, keep the tap open to allow a regular drip through. This will keep the water moving in the pipes and prevent freezing. Should you encounter a frozen pipe, turn the water off at the source and bring heat near the pipes. Don't directly heat the pipes as that could cause further trouble however.

When all efforts fail, we're the place to come if you need emergency plumbers.